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  1. Car Mat Prices Cut by a 25%

    Today the prices of all of our Standard Car Mats have been reduced from £19.99 to £14.99.

    This makes our custom made car mats one of the cheapest sets available to purchase online. Our range of carpet boot mats have also been reduced, they are now priced at £10.

    Manufactured in our busy Mansfield factory in Nottinghamshire, we aim to make your personalised car mat the day after it has been ordered. Quality checks are carried out and then the car mats are despatched with our 48 hour courier.

    Orders from now on will also include a free handy Premier Products Shopping Trolley Token. All car owners should have one of these on their car keys, useful when popping to the supermarket and realising you do not have a pound coin for the trolley.

    Car Mat Shopping Trolley Coin

    Car Mat Shopping Trolley Coin

  2. How Car Mats are Made

    Ever wondered how Car Mats are made? Or how you can personalise Car Mats?

    Watch our short video to see how Car Mats are made from a roll of Automotive Carpet

    Manufacturing Process – How Car Mats are Made

    Cutting Machine
    Using the latest CAD technology and digital templates, the outline of the car mat is individually cut out of automotive carpet or rubber. The carpet is available in standard, luxury and exclusive which determines the thickness of the car mat. Each car mat comes with an anti-slip backing.

    Sewing of the Trims
    Once the car mat shape has been cut, a skilled machinist adds the edging which is available in a variety of different colours and styles.

    Sewing the Heelpad
    A heelpad protector is then sewn onto the car mat by another one of our talented machinists. The heelpad is either made out of Automotive Carpet or PVC.

    Embroidery Machine
    Many of our customers want to make their car mats personalised by having up to 20 characters of text embroidered onto the front two car mats. An embroidery machine is used to produce stylish text which can be added in a range of fonts. The embroidery is then stitched into place by a member of the team.

    Adding the Clips
    The final stage is to add the fixings to each car mat, these are all done by hand. This ensures that your car mats can be fixed into placed. A final quality check is carried out and the floor mats are then brushed, packaged and dispatched.

    A full list of the car mats we can custom make is available on our website

  3. Premier Products visit Automechanika in Frankfurt

    World’s Leading Trade Fair for the Automotive Industry

    This week three members of the Premier Products team fly out to Frankfurt in Germany to attend Automechanika. Automechanika is the world’s largest automotive trade fair and is split into the following sections:



    • Parts & Components
    • Electronics & Systems
    • Repair & Maintenance
    • Accessories & Tuning
    • Service Station & Car Wash
    • IT & Management

    With 17 miles to cover and around 4,500 exhibitors to visit, the team will be focusing on the Accessories area where they will be on the lookout for new products to introduce into the UK automotive market.

    The show will hopefully also provide the team with ideas on how to further improve the products that we already manufacture.

    Find out more about Automechanika

  4. Seat Covers – Available to Order Direct from the Manufacturer!

    We are pleased to announce that are Seat Cover range is now available to order on our website

    Front Seat Covers

    Front Seat Covers

    Premier Products seat covers are manufactured to semi tailor fit the seats of a your car, we also manufacture glove fit seat covers for commercial vehicles .The customised seat covers offer protection for your vehicle whilst looking stylish and providing a comfortable driving experience. We also offer a prestige range, these seat covers are made from quilted material for an extra soft padded cover.

    Front, Rear and full seat cover sets can be purchased in a range of different colours to complement the interior of your vehicle. Standard seat covers are available in Black, Grey, Navy, Green, Blue and Red. The Prestige quilted range is available in Black, Grey, Navy, Green and Blue.

    Personalised Seat Covers can be created for you by embroidering your chosen text onto the headrest cover, you can further customise the seat cover by adding a coloured edging and piping.

    All of our Seat Covers are backed with a PVC lining to ensure they are waterproof, meaning they are great for taxi drivers, dog owners, tradesmen, fishermen, farmers and more.

    Manufacturing Process

    The semi tailored fit seat covers are hand cut from 7oz hardwearing, waterproof material using an Eastman cutting knife. Up to 20 seat covers can be cut on the cutting table at any one time.

    Our skilled machinists then add darts, piping and elastic around the bottom of the seat cover. When making a front seat cover airbag and arm rest slots are created, if required. Seat belt holes and fixing clips are added to rear seat covers. Embroidery is stitched into place on the front seat headrests if the seat covers are being personalised.

    The machinist then lock stitches the seat cover together and the trim is then added which is available in a wide range of colours.
    A quality check is carried out and the seat covers are packaged and shipped. Full fitting instructions are included.

    How to fit Seat Covers

    Front Seat Cover Fitting Instructions

    • Gather the material together and place over the front seat.
    • Pull down to the base, making sure the back of the seat is completely covered.
    • Pull over the base of the seat to cover the whole base
    • Align the airbag slots if fitted
    • Straighten as required. Pull through any side adjusters or arm rests depending on the seat cover purchased

    Rear Seat Cover Fitting Instructions

    • Place the rear seat cover over the seat with elastic section to the bottom and clips to the top.
    • Fasten the clips around the headrests then tighten as required.
    • Release the Velcro section either side
    • Make sure the seat cover is central, tuck in between rear and seating section.
    • Feed seat belt clips back through into the required position and velcro the remaining section
    • Stretch the elasticated section around the base of the seat, repeat on both sides.
    • Straighten as required.

  5. Car Dog Sling?? What’s one of them?

    Luxury Pet Travel Accessory for your Dog!

    The Car Dog Sling is designed to protect both your car and your Dog. Strong waterproof material is used on the underside to protect your car from a wet dog after a rainy walk.

    Easily removable, it also means you do not have to hoover out the vehicle after every time you take your pet out, simply unclip the Dog Sling from around the headrests and remove. Simples! It can also be machine washed without fabric softener.

    Car Dog Sling

    Car Dog Sling – Pet Travel and Car Protection

    Dog safety is also important when choosing which pet travel accessory to buy. The Car Dog Sling allows your pet to travel comfortably and prevents them from falling into the backseat footwells or through to the front of the car.

    If your pet is in the backseat without projection they can climb into the front of the car distracting the driver and possibly causing an accident, the Car Dog Sling stops this from happening.

    Available in a wide range of colours, two different materials and a choice of cloth bound edgings. Your pet can travel in style!

    Evie the Gold Cocker Spaniel is modelling our Car Dog Sling above. The paw print fleece material is one of our most popular designs.

    Although we have designed the Car Dog Sling for pet owners we also think it would be useful for Fisherman, Tradesman and the general public who need to transport items that do not fit in their boot.

    We DO NOT recommend transporting children in this way, they must always wear a seatbelt! If you would like to protect your car against sticky fingers and spills our seat covers will be ideal. These are currently being added to our website, in the mean time call 01623 645100 to order a set.


We are experts in providing tough, durable, waterproof protection to keep your car looking and feeling new. Great for dog owners, gardeners, fishermen, horse owners, tradesman and the general public.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory which is based in Nottinghamshire, England.

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