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  1. Personalise your Car Mats

    You can personalise your Car Mats by adding a range of different coloured or patterned trims.

    Our website is designed so you can customise your Car Mats to suit the colour of your car. Or simply have the edges of your car mats in your favourite colour.

    We now have 30 different trim options for you to choose from:

    Examples of Trim Options

    Examples of Trim Options

    Black Standard
    Grey Standard
    Beige Striped
    Black & Blue Striped
    Black & Green Striped
    Black & Pink Striped
    Black & Red Striped
    Black & Silver Striped
    Black & Yellow Striped
    Black Cloth
    Pink Cloth
    Red Cloth
    Yellow Cloth
    White Cloth
    Blue Cloth
    Silver Striped
    Black Striped
    Black & Purple Checked
    Black & Green Checked
    Black & Orange Checked
    Black Nubuck
    Red Nubuck
    Blue Nubuck
    Pink Nubuck
    Green Nubuck
    White Nubuck
    Grey Nubuck
    Beige Nubuck
    Purple Nubuck
    • No Trim (Rubber Only)

    All of our Car Mats are made with a free standard black trim unless you choose otherwise. Adding a splash of colour to your car mats only costs £1 per mat for a set of 4.

    Nubuck Trim

    Nubuck is a type of leather which is strong and resistant to wear, this will help your car mats last longer. When Nubuck is created it is buffed to give it a shiny surface and a soft touch.

  2. Job Opportunities – Work for Premier Products

    Do you live in Mansfield or the surrounding area? Looking for a new opportunity to work for a rapidly growing local business?

    We are currently looking to recruit two hardworking individuals to work in our manufacturing department.

    Binder Receptacle (Sewing Machinist) and General Warehouse Operative

    For more information about these two job opportunities please contact Jane Green on 01623 645100 or email

    Job title: Binder Receptacle (Sewing Machinist)

    Sewing Machinist

    Sewing Machinist

    We are currently looking for a skilled Sewing Machinist to start as soon as possible. A machine test will be required upon interview. Previous experience in a similar role is essential, in-house training will be given to the successful candidate. Working in a fast paced environment you will be required to work on your own and as part of a team to meet tight deadlines.

    Salary & Working Hours:
    £6.50 per hour (plus bonus) – 40 Hours Monday – Friday 8am- 4:30pm

    How to Apply:
    Send your Covering Letter and CV to Jane Green


    Job title: General Warehouse Operative

    General Warehouse Operative

    General Warehouse Operative

    The successful candidate will be required to load a flatbed cutting machine, in-house training will be provided. Quality checking, clipping, brushing and packaging of car mats. Taking responsibility of keeping their workstation clean and tidy. The ideal candidate must have basic IT knowledge as some light computer work will be involved. Other duties may include the rolling of carpet, heavy lifting and the use of a forklift truck. You will need to be able to work under pressure, on your own and as part of a team, in a fast paced environment.

    Salary & Working Hours:
    £6.50 per hour – 40 Hours Monday – Friday 8am- 4:30pm

    How to Apply:
    Send your Covering Letter and CV to Jane Green

  3. Cleaning Car Mats

    Car Mat Cleaning Instructions

    Autumn has arrived with the typical wet British weather that comes with it.  We are often faced with running to the car in the rain, trying to hop over muddy puddles as we go. Once you have managed to get into the car, your car mats will soak up the water, mud and dirt from your shoes.

    cleaning car mats

    Cleaning Car Mats

    Regularly looking after your Car Mats will help them to look and feel newer for longer. To maintain the lasting quality of your protective car mats, each car mat should be washed and vacuumed regularly.

    Cleaning your Car Mats

    Hand wash your car mats with a warm shampoo solution, rinse thoroughly and ensure all excess water is shaken off. Lay the car mats flat and allow them to dry naturally.

    Badly soiled car mats should be cleaned with a stiff brush prior to processing with the above cleaning process.

  4. New Car Mats Available to Order

    8 New Car Mat Sets available from £14.99

    You are now able to buy the below car mats online. As with all of our car mats you can personalise them by choosing the colour and quality of carpet. By adding different coloured/pattern trim or having them embroidered with up to 20 characters of text.

    New Car Mats

    New Car Mats



    1) Toyota Aygo (2014 onwards)
    2) Kia Picanto (2011) 2nd Generation
    3) Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (2008)
    4) Ford Mondeo (2013 onwards)
    5) Suzuki Jimny SZ4 (1998-2013)
    6) Citroen C1 (2014 onwards)
    7) Mercedes SLK (2011)
    8) Suzuki Splash Automatic (2008 onwards)

  5. Now you see it, now you don’t! The Tax Disc is no more.

    The country has spent the last couple of decades trying to perfectly remove their tax disc using the perforated edges without ripping it, a skill that I like to think I have finally mastered.

    We have also spend many hours trying to stick the Tax Disc holders onto the bottom of our windscreens, often for them to full off the next day.

    No longer! The paper Tax Disc is no longer needed, although you can legally still display one if you so wish. My car tax ran out yesterday so a few weeks ago I experience the new online system, within a few minutes I had paid for the next year, easy peasy!

    Today I have removed my expired Tax Disc, I am yet to remove my holder, it seems like it has been stuck on with superglue. I feel I will be trying to remove the sticky residue for some time to come.

    The Government believe that they will save £10million a year. Failure to pay for your car tax will result in a £1000 fine.

    Tax Disc

    Tax Disc


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