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  1. Premier Products Purchase Car Mats UK

    The biggest day in Premier Product’s diary 2015 has arrived!

    Today we take over ownership of one of the best retailing Car Mat websites in the UK

    Car Mats UK

    Car Mats UK

    Over the last 4 and a half years we have been supplying Car Mats UK and the business has grown year on year. Originally designed and built by WebDesigners “Evoluted” it now ranks very highly on both Google and Bing.

    In October last year our Managing Director, Mark Ryan approached the company and presented the owners with an offer to buy the company. Finally after months of negotiations and sleepless nights, we have exchanged contracts to make it part of the Premier Products group.

    Bringing Car Mats UK into the group allows expansion of our Car Mat sales whilst allowing our parent website to concentrate on developing extra product ranges based around vehicle interior and exterior protection.

    We welcome our new customers and look forward to a providing high quality car accessories across the UK.

  2. Protect your commercial vehicles

    Whether you’re investing in a fleet of commercial vehicles or just one van for your business, protecting your investment from the daily rigours of the working day could save you £100s of pounds when it comes to trading in.

    Premier Products manufacture a range of tailor-made products to protect your upholstery and make sure your interior doesn’t end up a mess of paint splatters or plaster dust.

    Commercial Van Seat Covers

    Van Seat Covers

    Van seat covers are manufactured to semi tailor fit the seats of a range of makes and models. The customised seat covers feature elasticated bottoms ensuring glove-fit and come with full fitting instructions.

    Both single and twin seat covers are available in a range of colours to complement the interior of your van. All seat covers are backed with a PVC lining to ensure they are waterproof and are machine washable up to 30o (without the use of softener).

    Premier Products also provide a range of tailored floor mats to suit the contours of your van floor, ensuring a perfect fit. Made from top quality, hardwearing automotive carpet or rubber each mat is strong, durable and flexible. Manufactured using the latest CAD technology each mat is manufactured in your choice of colour and trim.

    All van mats feature an anti-slip backing and fixings to secure them safely in place. Choices of material, colour, edging and embroidery are available so you can design your own personalised range of mat which can also include a company name.


We are experts in providing tough, durable, waterproof protection to keep your car looking and feeling new. Great for dog owners, gardeners, fishermen, horse owners, tradesman and the general public.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory which is based in Nottinghamshire, England.

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