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  1. Happy Customers

    Dogs on Land Rover Discovery Sport (2015-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    Lawne & Jos say the quilted material is ‘bootiful’

    One of our happy customers recently sent us an email saying that he was very impressed with with the Land Rover Discovery Sport (2015-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner he had ordered from Premier Products.

    Mr Fenton went on to say that his dogs said ‘thank you, the quilted material is really comfy and bootiful’

    Here are some pictures of Lawne and Jos in their new boot liner

  2. New car blues?

    New Cars

    New Cars

    What Car has released the ultimate guide to the new car launches of 2016. At a bank breaking £250,000, The Rolls-Royce Dawn has topped the luxury list. Whilst at the budget end of the scale the new Ford Ka will be available this summer from just £8,000.

    Whether you are aiming for luxury or budget, if your new car of choice is out of reach, you may find yourself feeling green with envy. But rather than moping over your old wagon, why not use this as the opportunity to pimp your ride.

    From seat covers and floor mats, to boot liners  and car covers, Premier products has everything you need to help you fall in love with your car all over again.

    A full set of tailored car mats is priced from £19.99 and seat covers start from £34.99, meaning you can makeover the interior of your car for less than £60!

    What’s more you can add personalised trim and embroidery to personalise your purchases making them bespoke to you and your car.

  3. New Year car makeover

    New Year car makeover

    New Year car makeover

    Tidy, clean and ordered or messy, unorganised and chaotic, what does the current state of your car say about you?

    If you’re guilty of letting the clutter and rubbish build up in your car, why not make it your New Year’s resolution to turn over a new car mat?

    Whether you are guilty of using your car as a home on wheels or cramming it full of rubbish, Premier Products has plenty of ways to kit out your car and say something positive about you!

    Using the latest CAD technology Premier Products’ car mats are manufactured to fit the shape and contour of each car. They also feature an anti-slip backing and a fixing to secure them in place. Made from high quality, hardwearing automotive carpet to fit a range of makes and models, each Premier Products car mat is strong, durable and flexible.

    With a variety of materials, colours and patterns to choose from, our car mats are like no other and can be tailored to suit you. Prices start from £19.99 for upholstered mats and the moulded rubber mats start from £39.99.

    With Premier Products you can clean up your act and travel in style throughout 2016!


We are experts in providing tough, durable, waterproof protection to keep your car looking and feeling new. Great for dog owners, gardeners, fishermen, horse owners, tradesman and the general public.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory which is based in Nottinghamshire, England.

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