Archive: Jun 2016

  1. Car Mat Embroidery

    Take a look! Customer has that Friday feeling!
    Don’t worry – be happy!
    One of our customers has ordered a black set of luxury car mats for their Skoda Fabia with embroidery that made us smile :-)
    Car mat Embroidery

    Don’t worry – be happy

  2. Fully Tailored Load Liner

    Brand New Product

    Introducing the Fully Tailored Load Liner, a new product we created last week. We knew our customers would love it and we were not wrong! A number of orders have already been placed on our website over the weekend.

    The Fully Tailored Load Liner is a mixture of our quilted boot liner and semi-tailored load liner. Designed for customers who just want to protect the floor of their boot and the back of the rear seats.

    This will be a great product for gardeners, workman and customers with muddy boots. The load liners are made from 600 denier polyester or upgrade to quilted material. Both material options are waterproof and fire retardant.

    The liner simply clips around the headrest and Velcro is provided to prevent the bottom of the liner moving around. A bumper flap is included which adds protection when loading and unloading.

    If you often need to put one rear seat down you can add this feature to the liner for only £10.00

    Prices start from £79.99 which free UK mainland delivery. Colour options are Grey, Black, Green, Electric and Navy

    Fully Tailored Load Liner - Example

    Fully Tailored Load Liner – Example


We are experts in providing tough, durable, waterproof protection to keep your car looking and feeling new. Great for dog owners, gardeners, fishermen, horse owners, tradesman and the general public.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory which is based in Nottinghamshire, England.

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