Fox Red Labradors Model Boot Liner

Alfie & George Fox Red Labradors pictured in a Toyota Auris

Toyota Auris Tourer Boot Liner. Alfie & George Fox Red Labradors

Toyota Auris Tourer (2016-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

Meet George (3 years old) and Alfie (almost 5 years old). The brothers are beautiful Fox Red Labradors who are pictured here relaxing on their boot liner. Their owner noticed that we make boot liners for the 2011-2016 Toyota Auris Tourer and wanted to know if it would fit his brand new 2016 model.

We arrange for him to visit our factory to see if it would fit, it was found that the boots are slightly different. He happily waited whilst our pattern maker did the amendments and fitted his new boot liner.

Today we were pleased to see that the boot liner is being put to good use by his two dogs.

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