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  1. 10% Christmas Discount

    Christmas Sale| Car Accessories

    10% Discount

    If Black Friday and Cyber Monday passed you by and left you still in need of some Christmas presents for your nearest and dearest, fear not, you don’t need to resort to socks and hankies just yet…

    With Premier Products you can not only order a set of personalised car mats by selecting your choice of material, colour and patterned trim, but you can also go a step further and personalise individual sets to suit that special person in your life. Choose a personal message or name up to 20 characters and Premier Products will embroider it onto your front car mats in your choice of font and colour.

    Other Gift Ideas –
    * Quilted Boot Liner
    * Pet Sling
    * Seat Covers
    * Pet Travel Bed

    With 10% off all car mats from Premier Products until 18th December by entering xmas10 at the checkout and free delivery (UK Mainland) on orders over £25, there is still time left to sprinkle a little bit of magic on your Christmas shopping.

  2. UK automotive industry is on the up with premium products leading the way

    UK Automotive Industry

    UK Automotive Industry

    After the recent spell of negative news in the motor industry, the team at Premier Products were pleased to hear some more positive news about UK car production this week.

    According to research carried out by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), car production in the UK grew by 15.5% in September 2015 when compared to September 2014.

    A growing trend towards premium products is a key factor in the rise, with over a third of the UK’s car production falling into the premium category. That figure is also expected to rise to 54% by 2020. The UK is currently the second-highest producer of premium cars, behind Germany.

    The report also found that in five years time, the UK’s automotive industry will be producing more than two million cars per year – breaking the current record of 1.92 million cars produced in a single year, set in 1972.

    Alongside the rise in manufacturing is a predicted rise in employment in the UK’s automotive industry. The rise to producing two million vehicles annually in this country is expected to result in an extra 9500 jobs created within vehicle manufacturers, with the potential for a further 28,000 jobs to be created within the wider supply chain.

    Whether your car is premium, budget or somewhere in between, we have a range of car mats and seat covers to suit both your car and your budget.

  3. New Boot Liners

    This week our talented team have created three new tailored quilted boot liners:

    BMW 1 Series (2011-Present) Quilted Boot Liner

    BMW X6 (2008-2015) Quilted Boot Liner

    BMW X1 (2009-Present) Quilted Boot Liner

    The new boot liners are now available to purchase on our website.

    These boot liners can also be used as load liners. Simply unclip the straps from around the headrests and undo the velcro that holds the back and the sides together. The back of the boot liner will now lay flat when the back seats are put down.

    BMW 1 Series Boot Liner

    BMW 1 Series Boot Liner

    BMW X1 Boot Liner

    BMW X1 Boot Liner

    BMW X6 Boot Liner

    BMW X6 Boot Liner











  4. Don’t worry about the can still keep your car clean!

    Honda Civic Hatchback (2006-2008) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    Honda Civic Hatchback (2006-2008) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    Yes it’s Autumn, yes the leaves are falling off the trees, the ground is generally sodden and your wellies are already your staple wardrobe item.

    For the parents and pet owners among us, the wet and windy weather can only mean one thing – a messy car!

    Whether it’s your labrador’s mucky paws, or the persistently wet and muddy pram wheels; the kids’ wellies or the wheels on their brand new bike, your boot can suffer the consequences of a soggy afternoon in the countryside.

    Volkswagen Tiguan (2007-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    Volkswagen Tiguan (2007-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    The house proud among us often refuse to disembark into the house with all the paraphernalia from a trip out on an Autumn day, leaving our cars to take the brunt. But why can’t we be equally proud of the condition of our cars, particularly the ever-neglected boot?

    At Premier Products we now have a wide range of boot liners to help solve that problem.

    Each boot liner is tailor-made to fit the shape of your specific vehicle. This ensures an excellent fit enabling you to make best use of your precious boot space – avoiding dirt and dog hairs settling behind the liner.

    Toyota Auris Tourer (2011-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    Toyota Auris Tourer (2011-Present) Quilted Waterproof Boot Liner

    A bumper flap is provided to protect your car when dogs jump in and out or when loading and unloading.

    To care for your liner, simply wipe clean, hose down or machine wash at 30 degrees (no fabric softener). Prices start from £89.99.

    We have recently added three new boot liners to our range:

    Honda Civic Hatchback (2006-2008)
    Toyota Auris Tourer (2011-Present)
    Volkswagen Tiguan (2007-Present)

  5. Introducing the Load Liner

    Last year we created the tailored quilted boot liner which have been extremely popular. Many customers enquired about being able to use the boot liners as a load liner which is not possible. We have therefore designed a waterproof load liner.

    Load Liner

    Load Liner

    Key Features:

    • Double sided – One side quilted and soft, the other hard-wearing and waterproof
    • Covers the boot floor and the back of the rear seats
    • Reinforced clips that fasten around the headrest
    • Can be used with the rear seats down, clips around the front headrests
    • 50/50 split so you can have one or both seats down
    • Available in large (£74.99) and medium (£64.99)

    Protect the appearance and value of your car with a high quality semi-tailored load liner. The essential product for any dog owner, golfer, gardener, fisherman, horse owner or tradesman, our waterproof load liners are extra tough.

    Manufactured in the UK using the highest quality PVC coated fabric, ensuring maximum protection all round. The attractive, textured surface is impervious to dust, grit and dog hairs and also resistant to grease and oil.

    The universal load liner is designed to cover the floor of the boot and the back of the rear seats. The boot liner clips around the headrest and can be used with the rear seats down. It also features a 60/40 split so you can have one or both seats down.

    A bumper flap is provided to protect your car when dogs jump in and out or when loading and unloading goods. To care for your liner, simply wipe clean or machine wash at 30 degrees (no fabric softener).

    The load liner can also be used as a rear seat protector and is reversible. One side is quilted and the other is waterproof. Please note this product cannot be used when passengers are travelling on the rear seats as it is not seat belt compatible.


    Large size measures 63inch (160cm) long and 55inch (140cm) wide, bumper flap increases the length to 82inch (210cm) – Suitable for larger vehicles including Land Rover Discovery, Range Rover sport, Audi Q7, large estate and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

    Medium size measures 55inch (140cm) long and 55inch (140cm) wide, bumper flap increases the length to 75inch (190cm) -Suitable for medium vehicles including, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Citroen DS3, hatchbacks and small estate vehicles.

  6. New plate? New Car mats!

    New 65 Plate

    New 65 Plate

    If you’ve been out and bagged yourself a brand new 65 plate car, then why not treat your new buy to a personalised set of Premier Products car mats?

    September sees the introduction of the 65 plate cars, but if you’ve just taken delivery of a nice new shiny car, the last thing you need is for dirt shoes to play havoc with that new car interior.

    Premier Products has the perfect solution which can be tailored to suit both you and your new car. With hundreds of colour, fabric and trim options, a set of personalised car mats from Premier Products is priced from just £19.99.

    Tailored to fit a wide range of manufacturers, and made from high quality, hardwearing automotive carpet, each Premier Products car mat is strong, durable and flexible. Using the latest CAD technology the mats are manufactured to fit the shape and contour of each car. They also feature an anti-slip backing and a fixing to secure them in place.

    A clothbound edging finishes each car mat, which can be personalised with a variety of different colours. Extra embroidery can also be added to make each mat personal to you. Available in standard, luxury or exclusive – which determines the thickness of the mat – a set of two front and two rear car mats is priced from £19.99 and mats are available to suit most car and van models.

  7. First day of Autumn

    22 September is officially the first day of autumn! You might have already noticed the first signs the new season as the leaves are to fall and the temperature had dropped a couple of degrees. Some of us might have even switched the heating on for an hour or so. So, next on the list is a new winter coat and a pair of boots.

    But while you carry out your own autumn preparations, don’t forget to make sure your car is prepared for the new season.

    Don’t leave the safety checks until the first frost hit, make sure you don’t get caught out and give your car a seasonal once over now, with our top tips.

    Car tips for Autumn

    Car tips for Autumn – Image taken by Daniel Johnston

    Check your coolant level regularly and top-up with a mixture of the correct type of antifreeze if needed. Get your garage to check the concentration for you.

    If your car battery is more than 5 years old, it might struggle in the cold. A flat battery is the most common cause of winter breakdowns. So get it checked!

    Keep at least a quarter of a tank of fuel in your car, just to make sure you can get home in the event of a hold up.

    Check and clean your front, rear and side lights regularly to make sure you can see and be seen clearly. Carry spare bulbs just in case.

    Your tyres should have at least 3mm of tread for safe winter driving. Think about winter tyres for improved safety. Do you know what your tyre pressure should be? Ask your garage if unsure and check pressures regularly.

    Use a 50 percent mix of a good quality screen wash to reduce the chance of freezing in frosty weather.

    *Image taken by Daniel Johnston
  8. Bank Holiday

    Wishing our customers a great Bank Holiday weekend

    We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday (31st August). Any orders placed from Friday through to Monday will be manufactured on Tuesday or Wednesday. Orders will then be shipped using our 48 hour courier.

    If you have any questions regarding your order please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible on our return, or call 01623 645100 (Tuesday – Thursday 8am- 4:30pm, Friday 8am – 3:30pm)

    Tips: If the sun is shining it will be the perfect time to wash your car mats and leave them out to dry. For advice on how to care for your mats click here.

    Happy Bank Holiday

    Happy Bank Holiday

  9. Free Delivery – Tips on how you can qualify

    Do I get free delivery when ordering Car Mats? 

    All orders over £25.00 receive free delivery to a mainland UK address.

    However many of our customers want to buy standard car mats for £19.99, here is how they can qualify for free delivery.

    Add a coloured or patterned trim and a PVC heelpad. Your order now totals £25.99 and you will receive free delivery (Normally £5.00)

    Your car mats will now be personalised and by adding a PVC heelpad your driver’s car mat will last longer. We have 26 different trim options for you to choose from.

    For an extra £0.99 your car mats will last longer and look better

    Here is an example:


    Free Delivery - Standard Car Mats - Coloured Trim and PVC Heelpad

    Standard Car Mats – Coloured Trim and PVC Heelpad


We are experts in providing tough, durable, waterproof protection to keep your car looking and feeling new. Great for dog owners, gardeners, fishermen, horse owners, tradesman and the general public.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory which is based in Nottinghamshire, England.

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