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  1. Car Dog Sling?? What’s one of them?

    Luxury Pet Travel Accessory for your Dog!

    The Car Dog Sling is designed to protect both your car and your Dog. Strong waterproof material is used on the underside to protect your car from a wet dog after a rainy walk.

    Easily removable, it also means you do not have to hoover out the vehicle after every time you take your pet out, simply unclip the Dog Sling from around the headrests and remove. Simples! It can also be machine washed without fabric softener.

    Car Dog Sling

    Car Dog Sling – Pet Travel and Car Protection

    Dog safety is also important when choosing which pet travel accessory to buy. The Car Dog Sling allows your pet to travel comfortably and prevents them from falling into the backseat footwells or through to the front of the car.

    If your pet is in the backseat without projection they can climb into the front of the car distracting the driver and possibly causing an accident, the Car Dog Sling stops this from happening.

    Available in a wide range of colours, two different materials and a choice of cloth bound edgings. Your pet can travel in style!

    Evie the Gold Cocker Spaniel is modelling our Car Dog Sling above. The paw print fleece material is one of our most popular designs.

    Although we have designed the Car Dog Sling for pet owners we also think it would be useful for Fisherman, Tradesman and the general public who need to transport items that do not fit in their boot.

    We DO NOT recommend transporting children in this way, they must always wear a seatbelt! If you would like to protect your car against sticky fingers and spills our seat covers will be ideal. These are currently being added to our website, in the mean time call 01623 645100 to order a set.

  2. Pamper your Pooch with our new Pet Boot Mat

    New exciting products for your pets!

    This week we have launched our Pet Travel Accessories range which at the moment includes the Pet Boot Mat, Pet Sling and Pet Boot Liner.

    Pet Boot Mat Fleece

    Pet Boot Mat Fleece Options

    Today we are presenting the Pet Boot Mat and next week we will feature the Pet Sling and then the Pet Boot Liner.

    The Pet Boot Mat is most popular with dog owners but can be used to protect your boot from a number of different items such as plants, fishing tackle, horse riding accessories and other general items that get wet or dirty.

    It is ideal for dog owners as the mat is reversible with a waterproof lining running through the middle of the mat. This allows your pet to travel in comfort on the fleece side and after they have been on a walk where they will likely get dirty and wet, you can flip the mat over to protect your boot, this side is quilted so still offers a soft place for them to relax on your way home.

    After the boot mat has done its job and protected your car, you can put it in the washing machine at 30 degrees, please do not use fabric softener.

    Three sizes are available and you can choose the pattern of the fleece, colour of the quilted material and which trim you would like to finish the mat. Meaning the pet boot mat is individual to you and your pet. The options are below:

    Three Sizes:
    1. Small – 95cm x 63cm
    2. Medium – 110cm x 73cm
    3. Large – 125cm x 83cm
    Fleece Options:
    • Paw Prints (Black & White)
    • Paw Prints (Brown & White)
    • Tartan
    • Camouflage (Brown)
    • Camouflage (Green)
    • Camouflage (Red)
    • Camouflage (Orange)
    • Black
    • Navy
    • Grey
    • Green
    Quilt Options:
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Navy
    • Green
    • Blue

  3. Boot Mats! Mats for your Boot!

    So you’ve purchased some premier car mats and you love the way they look, fit and your impressed with the strong, durable and flexible finish.  Why not complete your car mat set by buying a tailor-made boot mat.

    Boot mats are an important way to project your car whilst you go about your daily business. They are made from automotive carpet and are available in standard, luxury, exclusive and rubber. You can also personalise the boot mat by adding an edging, we have around 20 different colours and patterns.

    Depending on what model of car you have your boot mat may feature fixings so that you can lock the mat into place. (Like the boot mat pictured below) Do not worry if your car does not come with boot mat fixing, all of our mats have an anti-slip backing.

    Below is a list of the cars we currently manufacturer boot mats for:

    Boot Mat

    Boot Mat

  4. Putting your Safety First

    Driving along… mat slips forward…..try to brake…..pedal is stuck…..CRASH!!

    It can be as simple as that, one minute your driving and the next you have bumped into another car or object due to a cheap, poorly fitting car mat.

    You would never think it but by having car mats that do not secure into place can cause accidents. That is why all new cars are manufactured with fixings in the car floor or screw holes. Therefore all car mats are now made with clips so that they fit over the fixing or a screw can be put through the car mat clip and screwed into place.

    Premier Products ensure all car mats are manufactured to include the relevant clips so you can easily fit your new mat into place within seconds.  

    Safe fitting of a Audi A3 Car Mat

    Safe fitting of a Audi A3 Car Mat

    Car mat not fixed into place

    Car mat not fixed into place







    Above on the left is a picture of one of our car mats fitted into the footwell of an Audi A3. You can see that the car mat has been clipped into place and is secure. All of our car mats also have an anti-slip backing to ensure extra safety whilst driving.

    On the right there is a picture of a car mat that was not fitted safety and as a result it has slipped forward blocking the use of the pedals.

  5. Personalised Car Mats

    Make your Car Mats Unique

    We all use our cars on a regular basis, so you must all be bored of looking at lifeless black car mats! That is why we offer a personalised car mats service.

    There are a few options you can change about your car mats to make them unique:

    • Step 1) Choose the quality of the mat – Standard, Luxury or Exclusive
    • Step 2) Choose the colour – Black, Navy, Beige, Grey, Graphite, Red or Blue
    • Step 3) Choose if you would like a block colour or stripped edging – we have around 17 different type


    Now the really fun bit! Personalised Car Mats!

    • Step 4) Add embroidery text, available in a wide range of colours and fonts.

    You can add up to 20 characters of text. If you would like to add an image or logo we might also be able to do this for you. Please contact our team on 01623 645100, they will be able to advise you if it is possible and may ask you to send them an image to load into our embroidery machine.


    Here are a few favourite examples of what people have asked us to embroider onto their personalised car mats:

    Personalised Car Mat

    Personalised Car Mat

    • Scared? U should be!
    • Dads Taxi
    • The Boss
    • Grumpy Git
    • The Black Pearl
    • Punk Rock Huts
    • Adele’s Wee Jeep
    • Limited Edition
    • Pippip Hooray
    • Love You x
    • Sexybum
    • Becci Bowe’s Beast




    You could simply just have your name, initials, make or model of your car. So what will you choose? Get creative and personalise your car mats now, we will feature pictures of our favourite ones on our website gallery.


  6. Navy Blue Car Mats Now Available

    New Car Mat Colour

    Navy Car Mats

    Navy Car Mat – Black Edging

    Does your car have a navy interior? Are you fed-up of having to buy black car mats thinking they will look ok, only to fit them and be disappointed? Premier Products understand that our customers want choice.

    After listening to our valued customers, Premier Products are now making customised Navy Blue Car Mats to complement cars with a Navy interior.

    These mats have been made available especially for our customers who have always struggled to buy navy blue car mats in the past.

    These new car mats are available in standard or luxury. As with all of our car mats you will also be able to choose from a number of different coloured or striped edging.

    Don’t forget you can personalise your car mats by adding up to 20 characters of embroidery.

    You can create your tailor-made car mats by following a few simple steps on our new website.




  7. Car Mats |New Website

    New website launched for Premier Products (Notts)  Ltd

    Black tailor-made car mat

    Black tailor-made car mat

    Customers are now able to view our full range of tailor-made car mats within a few clicks of a button.

    The website has been created to enable you to search by car manufacturer, model and variant, this new feature means you are directed to the right page within seconds.

    Once you have found your car, you can see the outline of the mats and a detailed description. It is then time to customise your car mats, this can be done in a number of different ways.

    • Type of mat: Standard, Luxury, Exclusive or Rubber
    • Mat Colour: Black, Grey, Beige, Graphite,Navy, Red or Blue
    • Trim Colour: Black, Grey, Sliver, Blue, Graphite, Red, Pink, Yellow, Black & Blue Stripped, Black & Red Stripped, Black & Green Stripped, Black & Yellow Stripped, Black & Pink Stripped, Black & Orange Stripped, Black & Sliver Stripped
    • Embroidery: A maximum of 20 characters, choose a colour and font type.

    As you follow the above steps, a preview of what your floor mats might look like will show on the left hand side of your screen.

    We offer free delivery on orders over £25 to mainland UK. We hope that you like our new website, we welcome any feedback to improve your buying experience. Please email your feedback to


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