Boot Cargo Net

Keep items from sliding around in your boot by using a Boot Cargo Net. 

We offer two types of cargo nets.

  • Option one is designed to simply clip onto loops already present on the car boot floor.
  • Option two is ideal for vehicles who do not have boot floor fixings. This net comes with an attachment pack to stick or screw the net to the boot. 

Option One - Clips (70cm x 70cm)

Option Two - Attachment Pack (60cm X 115cm)


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  • Boot Cargo Net Type:
  • Colour:
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Boot Cargo Net Option 1

  1. Loop the elastic though the clips
  2. Clip onto the location hooks in the car floor

Boot Cargo Net Option 2

  1. Loop the elastic through the clips
  2. Clip onto the location hooks in the car floor


  1. Stick or screw the round location pads to the boot
  2. Loop elastic around pads to secure net into place

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