Fitment Guide

Car Mats

Each car mat is tailor-made to suit the contours of your vehicles floor, meaning they fit perfectly. To fit your new mat simply put the mat into the footwell, making sure the fitment holes sit on top of the fixings in the floor of your car and then turn the fixing or push down to lock the mat into position.

Different makes and models of cars will have their own system for fitting car mats, we make sure all of our car mats are made with the relevant clips.

Your car may have holes in the floor rather than fixings, in this instants simply use the fitting supplied with your car mats to screw the mat into place.

See how your Car Mat will be made and how simple they are to fit with our Car Mat Video

How to Fit a Car Seat Cover

Front Seat Cover Fitting Instructions

Gather the material together and place over the front seat.

Pull down to the base, making sure the back of the seat is completely covered.

Pull over the base of the seat to cover the whole base

Align the airbag slots if fitted

Pull through any side adjusters or arm rests depending on the seat cover purchased

Straighten as required.

Rear Seat Cover Fitting Instructions

Place the rear seat cover over the seat with elastic section to the bottom and clips to the top.

Fasten the clips around the headrests then tighten as required.

Release the Velcro section either side

Make sure the seat cover is central, tuck in between rear and seating section.

Feed seat belt clips back through into the required position and velcro the remaining section

Stretch the elasticated section around the base of the seat, repeat on both sides.

Straighten as required

Watch our Car Seat Cover video to see how to fit your Seat Covers