Volkswagen Lupo (1999-2005) Fully Tailored Boot Liner

Volkswagen Lupo (1999-2005) Fully Tailored Boot Liner

  • Waterproof and fire-retardant material
  • Bumper flap option
  • Drop back option
  • Seat split options
  • Straps around the headrests 
  • Strong velcro 
  • Machine washable

Volkswagen Lupo (1999-2005) quilted boot liner is tailormade to cover the whole boot space. Designed to protect your boot from everyday objects and can be easily removed for cleaning. 

The soft yet hardwearing material is ideal for dog owners wanting to keep muddy paws from spoiling their interior. 

Each boot liner is handmade by our skilled machinists. 

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Product Information

Each Fully Tailored Boot Liner has been designed to specially fit the whole boot area.

Offering full protection from day to day objects of muddy dogs after a wet winters walk. Ideal for trips to the skips and transporting fishing and golf gear.

The boot liners are manufactured from hard-wearing, quilted material which is both water resistant and fire retardant. Available in Black, Grey, Green and Navy. 

All boot liners fit when the parcel shelf in place. 

Boot Liner Options

Dropback - This option allows you to fold down your rear seats by unhooking the velcro from the sides of the boot liner and unclipping the straps around the headrest. The liner will then cover most of the rear seats when they are laid flat. Some boot liners will cover all of the rear seat if we have added an extra panel.

Dropback & Seat Split - The boot liner can be use as above and with one or more of the seats folded down. You will receive a 40/60, 60/40, 50/50 or 40/20/40 seat split depending on the option you select. Please note these options are for when you view the boot from the back of the vehicle.

Bumper Flap Option

A popular option with dog owners to stop dogs from scratching the bumper as they jump in and out of the car. The bumper flap is removable and fixed into place by velcro.

Please note: if you buy a boot liner without a bumper flap, dropback or seat split you will not be able to add these options at a later date without returning your boot liner and paying extra for the alterations

Place the boot liner in the base of the boot with the headrest clips furthest away from you and the bumper flap closest to you. Fasten the clips around the headrest and tighten into place. Push the boot liner right to the back of the base and into the back corners of the boot.

Carpet Lined Boot

The boot liner fixes to a carpet lined boot by attaching the rough side of the Velcro to the sides of the boot.

Plastic Lined Boot

On one side peel off the backing from the Velcro strip, attach the side of the boot liner to the plastic boot. Repeat on the other side of the boot.

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