Fiat Grande Punto Waterproof Seat Covers (fits 2006-Present)

These seat covers are manufactured to semi tailor fit the seats of a Fiat Grande Punto .The customised seat covers offer protection for your vehicle whilst looking stylish and providing a comfortable driving experience. Upgrade to our Quilted Seat Covers for an extra soft padded cover.

Front, Rear and full seat cover sets can be purchased in a range of different colours to complement the interior of your Fiat Grande Punto

Personalised Seat Covers can be created for you by embroidering your chosen text onto the headrest cover. Further customise the Fiat Grande Punto seat cover by adding a coloured edging and piping.

All of our Seat Covers are backed with a PVC lining to ensure they are waterproof, meaning they are great for taxi drivers, dog owners, workmen, farmers and more.

  • Elasticated Bottom For Easy Fitting
  • Waterproof and Fire Retardant Material
  • Washable up to 30 Degrees (without softener)
  • Full Fitting Instructions Supplied
  • Seat Belt Compatible The rear seat belt buckle can be fed through the seat cover.

    The front seat cover fits over the seat so therefore does not cover the seat belt buckle.

  • Armrest Options If your car has armrests in the front of your car we can manufacture the seat covers with slits so you can feed the armrest through.

    We do not offer this service for rear seats

  • Airbag Compatible All front car seat covers are manufactured with slits that will break apart when the airbag is activated
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Armrest Option Do any of the seats in your car have armrests? If yes we will manufacturer the covers to fit over the armrest.(The armrest will not be covered) Please note we cannot provide this service for rear seat covers.

Embroidery Please note, we will embroider exactly what you write in this box. If you type in lower case the embroidery will be in lower case. Please add capitals if you would like them. Not available on Rear Seats

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Embroidery Text Enter a maximum of 20 characters to personalise your seat covers. Please note, we will embroider exactly what you write in this box. If you type in lower case the embroidery will be in lower case. Please add capitals if you would like them.

Please Note: Car Seat Covers that have been embroidered cannot be returned

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These seat covers from £34.99

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£ 34.99

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We are experts in providing tough, durable, waterproof protection to keep your car looking and feeling new. Great for dog owners, gardeners, fishermen, horse owners, tradesman and the general public.

All of our products are manufactured in our own factory which is based in Nottinghamshire, England.

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